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Women's Policy Group NI Covid-19 Feminist Recovery Plan





Scope and Content:

Document produced by the Women's Policy Group NI, titled, 'Covid-19 Feminist Recovery Plan,' addressing the impact of Covid-19 and the lockdowns on women. Discusses women's employment, discrimination, family, trade unionism, care work, health care, debt, benefits, childcare, women in rural areas, paramilitaries, domestic violence and LGBTQ+ issues.


Northern Ireland Political Collection, Women's Resource and Development Agency,

Copyright Holder:

Women's Resource and Development Agency


McLaughlin, Jacqui, Sweeney, Karen, O'Reilly, Aisha, Teggart, Grainne, Flynn, Helen, Alexander, Geraldine, Coyle, Louise, Boyd, Una, Browning, Eliza, Scott, Robyn, Moore, Alexa, Harding, Siobhan, Monaghan, Jonna, Crory, Elaine, Powell, Rachel, Moore, Clare, Helen Crickard


Health Care, Sexual Health, Health, Mental Health, Covid, Paramilitaries, Feminism, Carers, Employment, Benefits, Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence, Rural, Trade Unions, Family, Family Life, LGBTQ+, Abortion, Single Mothers, Single Parent

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