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Life and Love: Lesbian Style (flyer)





Scope and Content:

Flyer promoting a play, 'Life and Love: Lesbian Style,' written by Hilary McCollum, and directed by Patricia Byrne for Sole Purpose Productions. Performed at the Black Box as part of Outburst Arts 2014 Belfast Pride events. "Life and Love: Lesbian Style," interprets a collection of true stories from lesbian and bi women in Northern Ireland and England. The flyer contains a photograph of playwright Hilary McCollum seated with the cast from the play, including Abby Oliveira, Michell Wiggans, Claire Dooher, and Mel Bradley.


Theatre and Performing Arts, Sole Purpose Productions,

Copyright Holder:

Ruth McCarthy for Outburst Arts


Claire Dooher, Hilary McCollum, Mel Bradley, Michelle Wiggins, Patricia Byrne, Ruth McCarthy, Abby Oliveira


Theatre, Drama, Women's Experiences, Women's Voice, Arts, LGBTQ+, Culture, Family Life, Female Representation, Feminism, Gender Issues, Gender, Gender Roles, Marriage, Relationships, Women's Issues