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Lynda Walker

Walker, Lynda LyndaEdgerton

Born in Sheffield in 1945 before moving to Belfast in 1969. Her activism began with involvement in the Communist Party, the civil rights movement and as a campaigner against the school milk cuts in 1971. In 1975 she helped found the Northern Ireland Women’s Rights Movement and opened the first centre for women in Belfast in 1979.

Lynda Walker has had appointments as an executive member of Belfast Trades Council, an Equal Opportunities (NI) commissioner, Chairperson of the Communist Party Ireland (2006-2017), member of the National Association of Teachers in Further and Higher Education (now UCU), lecturer in women’s studies at the Belfast Institute for Further & Higher Education (now Belfast Met). Former member and election candidate of the Northern Ireland Women’s Coalition.

Presently a member of Alliance for Choice, Women’s Resource and Development Agency, and founder member of Reclaim the Agenda. Lynda Walker donated her personal papers and ephemera to the Linen Hall Library in 1994 and has contributed to publications such as the NIWRM reports, Must we be Divided for Life, Trim Cut and Conditioned (1983), NIWRM (1983); Cleaning Up-Women and the contract cleaning industry in N. Ireland;1988 :Whose Making the News?-Women in the Media Industry (1996) Madge Davison: A Revolutionary Firebrand (ed)(2011). Breaking the Chains-Selected writings of James Connolly on Women(ed) (2016) Living in an Armed Patriarchy (2017).

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