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A report of the murder of Pat Campbell's son in Peacelines, Issue 12 (January 1992)


January 1992



Scope and Content:

An article reporting the murder of Phillip Campbell, the son of Pat Campbell (a long-serving Women Together member) in a January 1992 edition of Peacelines. Phillip was shot on the 9th January, 1992, while he was running his fast food van, by a UFF (Ulster Freedom Fighters) gunman in a random attack allegedly in revenge for a series of IRA bombings in Belfast.


Northern Ireland Political Collection, Maeve Mulholland,

Copyright Holder:

Women Together


Activism, Communication, Communities, Community, Community Action, Community Care, Community Development, Community Groups, Community Relations, Community Work, Conflict Resolution, Non Violence, Peace, Peace Movement, Reconciliation, Support, Women, Women's Experiences, Women's Groups, Women's Voice, Troubles, Violence, Conflict

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