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Victoria Gleason

Victoria Gleason

Victoria Gleason is an actress, script writer and arts facilitator. She developed her storytelling craft from an early age, inspired by a vivid imagination and her Granny Edith Gleason, whose stories, and dreams of being a writer encouraged Victoria to study creative writing. She trained at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) and has been involved in the theatre and performing arts for over 20 years. Victoria began her journey as an actor and script writer at BIFHE, before studying drama and scriptwriting at Queen’s University, where she graduated with first class honours. Victoria was part of Ransom Theatre Company’s ‘Write on the Edge’ programme for new and emerging female writers. It was here and in Queen’s at the Seamus Heaney Centre she developed her first play 'First Date,' which dealt with disability and relationships. Her next full-length play was inspired whilst she was part of a living history project at Downpatrick Gaol, inspired by real women who had been in the Gaol and their transcripts. Victoria used the Newsletter archives at the Linen Hall Library to read the court transcripts and reports on their crimes from court. This research was vital to the development of the play. 'Forgotten Footfalls,' was performed at the group space as part of International Women’s Day. She has a strong interest in history and the role of women and has been influenced by the females in her family (her mother Vivien was part of the Peace People movement during the Troubles). Her play 'Eire the Women’s War,' is a new work which examines the role of women North and South in the 1916 uprising. The play included a contribution from female play wright Kathleen McGrath and was directed by Colin Carnegie, with support from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland. The 1916 play was discussed with Roma Tomelty who was a mentor to Victoria for many years. Victoria has worked as an actor with Centre Stage Theatre Company, Kabosh and Red Lemon. More recently, Victoria Gleason was the voice on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Tongue and Talk,’ directed by Catherine Harvey Green. Her recent professional development has included children’s writing and she is currently working on her children’s books. Victoria has been able to do this with the support of Atypical funding, which enabled her to go on a artist’s retreat to the Snail House.

The collection Victoria donated includes copy text for 'Eire The Women’s War', programme for 'The Importance of Being Earnest,' and flyers, photographs, and sections from manuscripts of 'Forgotten Footfalls' and 'Bronte Glasstown' which focused on the lives of the Bronte’s their childhood and their Irish roots. The script was developed with Kathleen McGrath and performed at the Linen Hall Library.

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